We enable companies large and small to adopt and optimize Open Source and Commercial software.  We use a combination of hands-on joint architecture and development, delivery, classroom and web training, Business Development sessions and organization restructuring to accomplish the optimal solution.

Soaring Eagle is an Open Source and SOA consulting company.  We specialize in helping companies adopt and integrate Open Source technologies into their existing commercial software infrastructure.   We perform architecture, planning, and hands-on development with an eye toward easing the adoption and usage of Open Source technologies.  Our clients love our mentoring style and the way we assist companies of any maturity to build or streamline entire development organizations.   We are involved in a number of open source projects and keep a deep involvement in the entire open source community.   We also have created and fostered a number of  User groups throughout the country.

Web Development and Grails mentoring

We love the productivity gains that companies are seeing with the new open source technologies including Grails and other technologies springing up around Groovy and other dynamic languages.  We also keep our feet in the pure Java based technologies such as Java Server Faces, Wicket, Struts and many more.   We have implemented these frameworks at several of our clients assisting them in the selection process as well as design, implementation and production support.   We currently have 5 large production Grails applications running in various industries and would love to talk with you about the huge productivity gains you can realize by leveraging a technology such a Groovy/Grails.

SOA Implementation and Governance

Portal design and implementation

We have delivered software solutions in a number of industries including Petroleum, Banking, Financial, Telecommunications, Entertainment, Satellite  and Cable broadcasting,  and many more.   We have delivered solutions in most countries in the world including United States, Latin America, Russia, China, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Please contact us if you have any needs in the Java or Open Source areas from Architecture to Development to Build and test automation I am sure we can assist you.